"Taper Slim Torsion Bit" succeeded in making of the bit long-lived by generating the torsion in the part at the center, and reducing the load of the tip the taken strong impact when the screw was tightened.
The bit is prevented being damaged by generating torsion, and the working efficiency goes up.
The tip of the bit is shaped to see screw easily at a strange angle and easy to catch the target.
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Super slim torsion bit of our original strange design succeeded in making of the bit long-lived by generating twist in the center part where strong impact centred it when screw was tightened, and reducing the load of the tip.
The tip of the blade is shape to see screw easily by 4.5mm in the diameter, and to catch the target easily. The working efficiency improves by the fit feeling to screw.
Tip size is # 2 which is popular. There is four all kinds of lengths up to a long type of 150mm the best for tightening the place secluded from 65mm to which it works easily at hand. The bit of SUNFLAG supplies the high quality and the product can be supplied by a quality steady by doing the in-house production.
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Here is different from current keyless chuck. The pain in the hand when the chuck opened and shut was canceled.
Because the main body of the chuck adopts the resin that fits the hand, it is difficult not to slip, and to feel heat even in the state to put up gloves even after it high-speed rotates. It is a structure that the jaw opens by reversely rotating a hex-head part when Bit doesn't come off.
It is versatile chuck that solves the trouble of current chuck.
There are 2 sizes, popular 10mm size and big 13mm size.
To feel the main body, they are packed simply.
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