Opening up full throttle, Kaguya launched into the stratosphere in a single bound.
“What the!?”

The cockpit radar showed a white cloud growing nearer and nearer. But she could see nothing out there visually. Nor was there any sound. Something wasn’t right. A chill ran down Kaguya’s spine.
Just a few minutes earlier, Kaguya had been inside the gigantic aerial aircraft carrier, flying 3,000 meters above the ground. She had been taking a rest in the break room when a yellow alert, the first level of warning, had sounded. Grabbing her screwdriver set, her mascot which she called “Mama,” Kaguya headed to the hangar, contacting the control tower as she ran.

“They’re approaching our identification perimeter! Get a move on, Kaguya!”
The hatch closed after her as Kaguya jumped into the battle robot's cockpit. Putting on her battle helmet, she set her own synchro-key in the ID box above her head.

“Voltage, normal. Oil pressure, normal. Emergency systems, normal. Fuel reserves OK. Booster pressure… huh?”
The engines were spooling up far faster than expected, and Kaguya had to grin.
“You're sure did some great work, even if you didn't have any time for sleep.”

“Kaguya! Stand by for injection! Move now!”
Excitement had reached fever pitch in the control tower.
“All clear!”
The hanger doors opened on Kaguya’s command, and the catapult rose up.
As the boosters howled like banshees, the exhaust note rose smoothly and the robot launched from the carrier.
Kaguya grunted as the powerful g-forces tried to pull her neck through her spine, the harness biting into her shoulders. The ball of fire on which she rode streaked through the blue sky, ever faster and faster.

Kaguya:Battle Driver Pilot


A Battle Driver pilot attached to SUNFLAG, she had a bright future as an officer candidate when she was in the United World Army, but had an unfortunate accident….

SK-P000Interceptor Heavy Prototype


This was the first Battle Driver ever from a private-sector company, successfully developed by SUNFLAG. This was the prototype for the later SUNFLAG Battle Drivers.

General purpose screwdriver setKaguya

General purpose screwdriver set Kaguya

This is the screwdriver set favored by Kaguya, the pilot. It saved her life in the past, and she always carries it with her in the cockpit as a good luck charm when she heads out to battle.

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