SUB STORY IZANAMI #01「The Front Line」

“Phew. It’s finally done.”
Lowering herself into her work chair, Izanami was able to completely relax.
She had been busy repairing battle robots throughout the entire night, without a wink of sleep.
As her consciousness receded, a sense of nostalgia grew, making her feel as if she was being enveloped in a white mist.
The siren announcing the return of a battle robot sounded. Yanked back from her dreams, Izanami stood up reflexively, and headed towards the hangar.
A battle robot that had returned late from the war zone was standing there.

“You look like you’ve been beat up pretty badly, but you’ll be fine. I’m going to fix you up perfectly.”
“Okay, move your arms and wings a bit!” Izanami called, her repair tool in her hand.
“Izanami, you’re not seriously going to fix this robot right now, are you?”

The supervisor knew Izanami had been working almost non-stop on repairs, with barely any sleep, for three days now.
No matter how many times she was told to take a break, if there was a damaged battle robot waiting, she was unable to stop herself from checking out its battle circuits.
“Of course not. I’m just going to check its circuits. I’ll do the repairs tomorrow.”

“Yet I told you to get some rest…”
With a resigned expression, the supervisor fell silent. This was what always happened.
“At this rate, I think your body’s going to fall apart before the robot does.”

“Figured as much.”
Izanami crawled into the cockpit, and immediately found a minor problem. Or perhaps “problem” was overstating the case: it was actually an age-related issue, but one which would definitely cause a major malfunction if subjected to a few more severe vibrations.

Izanami:Battle Driver Mechanic


She’s a mechanic on the staff at SUNFLAG, responsible for Battle Driver maintenance. She lost her father, a pilot, in an accident caused by improper maintenance.

SUNFLAG Unidentified Lifeform Interceptor Battle Driver


The latest model offers superb maneuverability in the stratosphere. Other performance data has not been made public.

Precision screwdriver set

Precision screwdriver set

Favored by Izanami, the mechanic, as it, like her, pays attention to even the smallest details.